By Red
October 20, 2016

Nintendo of Japan released two new Breath of the Wild game play videos on its YouTube channel. The first video shows off the various methods of exploring that Link will have at his disposal. The video shows Link running across Hyrule, climbing a giant tree, diving off a cliff into a lake or river, and leaping across a broken bridge. Link will also have several other forms of transportation at his disposal, including a raft, paraglider, and even some form of snowboard!

The second video showcases the sheer variety of gameplay mechanics that will be featured in Breath of the Wild. In terms of combat, Link will have more options than ever for dealing with his foes. Link is shown using stealth to approach an enemy camp, rolling a boulder down a hill to squash some enemies, and dodging an enemy attack to activate a kind of slow-motion mode for countering. The bow is also heavily featured, as Link can use it to shoot exploding barrels off ledges, blast enemies with bomb arrows, and fire it while gliding on the paraglider. Some non-combat gameplay mechanics are also displayed, such as chopping down trees and cooking.

You can check out both videos from Nintendo of Japan’s YouTube page below.