By Red
August 18, 2016

A little less than a week ago, Nintendo released a short Breath of the Wild video on their Facebook page showing a ruined, broken down Temple of Time. While it’s sad to see the iconic structure in this condition, the footage has prompted loads of speculation across the internet as to where on the Zelda timeline Breath of the Wild will fall (I have my own predictions, but that’s for another article). Based on the footage, it seems like it has to occur after Ocarina of Time, but on which branch of the split? What happened to the Master Sword? And what is the significance (if any) of the Goddess Statue inside?

We won’t be able to officially nail down Breath of the Wild’s spot on the timeline until more details emerge, but that won’t stop fans from coming up with their own predictions and theories in the meantime. We’d love to hear yours, so leave them in the comments below! You can check out the Facebook video from Nintendo below.