By Zach Bowman
November 23, 2017

Follow along closely and don’t blink! This run has been known for some time now, but it might be time for a refresher to know what gets Link to the end game in a few blinks of the eye. Right from the start, the player has an opportunity to beat the game without ever needing to escort the princess to the chapel. This run is so fast, Link can just slide right past the final form of Ganon in a few seconds. Impressive, but it definitely cheapens the moment and experience of playing this great game. If you enjoy the Zelda games, and haven’t dived into this one, I would avoid using this method just to get to the end quick- unless you just want the end. Cool method nonetheless though! Check it out in the video below by YouTuber IGN if you want to know how Link can walk through walls and straight through to the end of the game! For more Zelda content, don’t forget to visit more on the TGPZ website.