By Red
August 24, 2017

Item collection is a huge part of almost every adventure or role-playing game out there. Some games make item collection fun and engaging, while others make it a boring, fun-ruining drag. Youtuber Gamechamp3000 has put together an entertaining video comparing item collection in two beloved games: The Last of Us and Breath of the Wild.

He points out that in The Last of Us, item collection mostly involves scouring every inch of the terrain and hoping you end up standing next to or on top of an item. Then all you have to do is hit a button to get the item. It takes a lot of time and ruins the flow of the game for him. Plus, there’s no real challenge or puzzle to collecting the items, other than walking around every little bit of an area.

By contrast, item collection in Breath of the Wild is much different. First and foremost, the vast majority of collectible items are easy to spot in the environment. If something can be picked up and collected, it stands out or has a little gleam to it that makes finding them very easy. Also, arguably the most important items to collect in the game, the Korok seeds, actually present the player with a challenge in order to collect them. You could be standing right on top of a Korok seed and never know it until you complete its challenge.

He uses the example of rolling a boulder down a hill into a hole to get a Korok seed. He explains that in Breath of the Wild, understanding the environment is the key to finding these valuable collectibles, rather than just exploring the environment. This makes the act of item collection less of a chore and more fun.

What do you think? Did you enjoy item collection in Breath of the Wild? Check out his video below or on YouTube by clicking here, then leave your thoughts below in our comments.