By Red
January 16, 2018

Video games have a long and celebrated history of hidden Easter eggs and secrets that can only be found by wandering off the beaten path. The recent trend towards open world games has led to huge game worlds that are just stuffed with secrets and callbacks to older games. It’s no surprise then that Breath of the Wild is no exception to this trend. BotW features a gigantic game world to hide secrets in, and it is part of one of the longest-running and most beloved franchises of all time, providing plenty of opportunities for callbacks to previous games. YouTuber The Leaderboard has put together a video highlighting some of the secrets, Easter eggs, and callbacks found in Breath of the Wild. These range from the fairly obvious (such as the Divine Beasts being named for Sages from previous Zelda games) to the obscure (rearranging the letters of the Oman Au shrine gives you Aonuma, a reference to the producer of Breath of the Wild, Eiji Aonuma).

The Leaderboard has uncovered tons of cool secrets and Easter eggs hidden throughout Breath of the Wild, so be sure to check out their video below, or click here to view it on YouTube. Let us know in the comments some of your favorite Breath of the Wild secrets!