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    This has been a big topic lately. I am 100% against having a female Link in a Zelda game. For me, that wouldn’t be a Zelda game because it would completely change the story that has been written since 1986. I get so mad when people’s first response is that you’re sexist. It’s a cheap and lazy argument. It has nothing to do with that. I don’t want a male protagonist in Metroid and Tomb Raider, because that wouldn’t be the story. If you want to call me a traditionalist, I’m ok with that. I don’t even like the idea of both a male and female protagonist option in a Zelda game. I believe the data resources could be used to better improve dungeons and the overworld. Where do you stand?



    I’d prefer they keep it the same, but as long as they made it just an option and not mandatory I wouldn’t get too upset. Anyone that says someone is a sexist for your view is an idiot. It’s the same people that think if you don’t like the new Ghostbusters trailer then you’re a sexist.


    Nice example bringing up the new Ghostbusters movie!



    I am strongly against the idea of a female Link, personally.
    It’s always been a male, and I hope it’s not changed. They already made ‘Linkle’ for the females in Hyrule Warriors. Maybe a spinoff game? Otherwise, I can and will rant about not wanting a female link forever.


    I don’t mind it in a spin off game like Hyrule Warriors. I think it’s actually cool to play as some other characters, but when it comes to the main Zelda game, I gotta have male Link.


    To dig up an old topic like this, while I wouldn’t be upset if they ever made a female Link, I don’t approve of the idea.

    I get what people are angling for and I agree there need to be more strong female protagonists in games (who aren’t just eye candy) I feel gender-swapping an existing character won’t achieve this – it just makes it a gimmick.

    If we want to have female VG characters who aren’t damsels in distress or eye candy, the best approach is to create new characters who are interesting and fun, and can carry a series…

    … or build on those who already exist. Like Samus from the Metroid franchise. Seriously, Nintendo, I know this a Zelda forum but you need to make more Metroid games. It’s one of your most neglected franchises (for its value) and Samus is an awesome character!

    Anyway, that’s my (male) view on this.


    I strongly agree with all of this. I like your idea of using a female protagonist to create a new series and to carry that series. It would feel like a gimmick if they did it in a Zelda game. Well said.


    Just a little brag but I got my Metroid wish haha!


    That you did, and it’s two games! One on the Switch and one on the 3DS. I have actually never played Metroid, but I’ve always wanted to get into it. Might have to now.


    Yes, it’s a good series. A good combo of exploration and platforming.

    I’d recommend starting with Super Metroid for SNES if you want to play the 2D ones, and Metroid Prime for the GameCube is a good start for the 3D ones. Metroid 1 & 2 are good but they’re a bit dated and off-putting.


    I was going to start with Super Metroid. I have that one on the virtual console for WiiU. Hopefully it comes over to the Switch before the new one is released.


    yeah, I guess I am a traditionalist too, but I would hate this. As someone stated above, just come up with new characters, making Link female just seems lazy.


    It would be very lazy. That’s a great point that I don’t believe anyone has made.

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